Karaoke and Monkey Idol

MONKEY IDOL Karaoke contest has been suspended temporarily.


Hosted by DJ Dougie Rocks: When in full-swing, this event can get very competitive (bringing in some of the area’s best talent), is awesomely entertaining for the audience, and makes for fun-filled times! In celebration of our 15th season of Monkey Idol, we are accepting 15 contestants and giving away a total of $1500 in grand finale prizes ($1000 1st place, $350 2nd place, $150 3rd place). Weekly prizes of $100 are awarded as well. Who will be the next winner of Monkey Idol? Maybe, it’s you; join us and let’s see!Monkey’s Tale is the only place on the northside of Indianapolis to offer Karaoke 7 nights a week. Join us any and every night at 10 pm for the Karaoke Experience.


Like Dougie’s page here:



At The Monkey’s Tale:

  • You don’t need to be a professional singer
  • You don’t need to sing well. If you do, that’s great!
  • You will find a supportive group that encourages all of our Karaoke guests to perform.

Check out some of the fun below: