Karaoke and Monkey Idol

SUNDAYS AT 10:00pm-

Practice on Sunday evenings (with Dougie Rocks) to get warmed up for our VERY popular Monkey Idol competition later in the week. Visit Dougie Rocks and like his page here:



TUESDAYS at 10:00pm-

When our Monkey Idol Karaoke competition is in full-swing (hosted by Dougie Rocks), it offers cash prizes and trophies. This event can get very competitive (bringing in some of the area’s best talent), is awesomely entertaining for the audience, and makes for fun-filled times! Who will be the next winner of Monkey Idol? Maybe, it’s you! Join us and let’s see!


WEDNESDAYS at 10:00pm-

A favorite of our patrons, the ever-amazing Tom and Tammy (of T.N.T. Dynamite Karaoke) will be hosting Wacky Wheel of Fortune. Come spin the wheel that offers a song from a variety of musical genres. You may get a selection from the 80′s, a Reggae tune, a 21st Century song, or a Rock & Roll classic! 

In addition to various musical themes, you’ll also have the opportunity to win prizes ranging from a complimentary drink to gift cards from Starbuck’s, The Magic Bus, and more. You can’t lose, no matter what you land on. Prizes vary from week to week. Come on out and spin the wheel!


THURSDAYS at 10:00pm-

Open Karaoke

Tom and Tammy have thousands of songs and a style of their own. Check them out here and like their page.



FRIDAYS at 10:00pm-

Open Karaoke – Through November, join us for Raffle Karaoke. Sing to be entered for a chance to win a private Karaoke party for up to 25 guests (wine, well drinks and domestic beer included). Winner to be announced 11/28!

  • You don’t need to be a professional singer
  • You don’t need to sing well-but if you do, great!
  • You will find a supportive group that encourages all of our Karaoke guests to perform.

Check out some of the fun below: